The Nomads (S), Peau de Peche/High Octane Boys, The Stools


“Chips (Kiesbye) and I were already writing songs for it and ended up demo’ing 30 of those. The idea was to come up with something that was as good as Sonically Speaking or The Cold Hard Facts of Life in terms of sound. The process took a long time because Chips was busy recording as that is how he makes a living. He could only work on it when things during quiet periods. Despite the fact of how long we took, I ́m very proud of what we ended up with.”

Chips is also a member of the great Swedish rockin’ combo, Sator. He says, “The Nomads sin- gle-handedly started the garage rock revival in Sweden. They were the proof that you could move forwards by looking back.
“Other than the Pebbles compilations, not much was known about ‘60’s garage bands and many people rst heard such great songs when The Nomads covered them.” But one thing that sets the band apart from many other revival acts is that they never merely copied the sound of the originals. They added additional in uences such as punk, power pop and hard rock. That special recipe is what still makes their sound unique.”
Bands like The Hellacopters and Sator are direct descendents of what The Nomads created in the post-Cramps frenzy that has since zzled into psychedelic oblivion. This earned them the moniker of “Solna’s Sonics”.

These guys were more true to the Australian strain of punk rock. Taking strands of every strain and weaving it into something entirely their own. If they decided to cover something then you weren’t able to tell that it wasn’t theirs. Another jump that they have over many of their contemporaries is their chemistry. Live they’re a powerhouse, delivering what, in a perfect world, should have been hit after hit. Anyone that needs a crash course on what that statement refers to should grab a copy of the compilation “Nomadic Dementia”. This will instantly provide the proof that I’m not talking out of my hat.

Hans Östlund is a mighty guitar player of Walter Lure-mungous proportions and much more but we’ll come back to that. His take on the recent activity goes like this, “The speci c difference this time was obviously the lack of a studio in traditional terms. Apart from the drums and some of the guitars, it was all recorded in our rehearsal space. I must say that I actually enjoy it even more these days and even have a “hobby” punk band, Aoousch! – so it seems like I can’t get enough of playing.”

The band backed up Roky Erickson for a one-off festival outing and immediately after the show the one-time 13th Floor Elevator’s ex-wife paid Hans a very high compliment. “Directly after the show, she told me – “you’re the best guitar player Roky has had since Duane (Aslaksen)”. I guess I just said “thanks” and then I had to nd a quiet place where I could let that sink in.”
Lowdown shakin’ rock’n’roll chills don’t come any better that The Nomads. Never did and never will. They’re as good now as they ever were. Probably better.

Lindsay Hutton
(VIVE LE ROCK magazine, June 2012)

The Stools:
The Stools var med originalbesetning aktive i 1991-1994, og var en del av miljøet rundt Tilflukt. Bandet var blant annet inspirert av Peau de Peche som var byens store helter i overgangen mellom 80-og 90-tallet. Musikalsk låter det nok mer nyveiv og poprock enn garasjerock, men hvem bryr seg vel om sjanger så lenge man snakker om god musikk?! The Stools gjenforenes for en kveld for å minnes og ære en av byens store rockere, Frode Skjold.

The Stools 2018:
Asgeir Wølner, gitar og vokal
Even Alfheim, bass
Lars Ljosland, gitar
Jon Riise, trommer


ID: 18 år


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